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Meet Tiffany Roberts, founder and creator of MiJoy Naturals.


Hair has been my first love since I can remember. In 2009 I began making Youtube videos focusing on hair care and protective styling. I mixed up a few really effective products and shared them with my viewers. Over the next several years, I put the videos on hold to study cosmetology, trichology, birth work and loc’d my hair.


After giving birth to my daughter in 2018, my hair texture completely changed and I suffered severe postpartum shedding. My locs and scalp were a mess, and I couldn’t find anything to help.

I decided to go back to my first love, creating products. Only this time, I wanted to formulate something that would work for me and everyone else in my household. There are five of us, all with different hair types, WHEW!

My goal was to create amazing products using only the best quality, naturally-derived ingredients. I created my first two products, Mu-Moisture Periodt and No Shae’d Butter, and I’ve continued formulating and adding new products.

Our name, MiJoy Naturals, has a special place in my heart. Yes, I find joy in caring for and embracing my natural hair. But my true joy lies in the name itself. Simply put, my parents, Mike and Joyce are MiJoy. Literally…my joy. Without them, well you know the rest. Corny, I know. Even our color scheme is my mother’s favorite color combination that found a place in our home from my childhood until today.


About MiJoy Naturals


MiJoy Naturals is a family business that empowers people to take pride in, embrace and love their natural hair.

If you have hair, our products are for you. Our products work especially well for those with highly-textured, curly or dry hair. We concentrate the prevention of hair loss, stimulating growth and retaining length, while keeping those wearing protective styles and locs in mind.

But what makes us so different? Well, we like to keep it all the way REAL. So many ingredients have been commercialized and are now "trendy". While some of them do work wonders for your hair, we like to source and integrate only the most effective, high quality ingredients, even if they aren't popular. Our focus is on finding oils, butters & botanicals that nourish and repair your hair without the unwanted aspects (greasiness, buildup, heaviness, etc).

So welcome to MiJoy Naturals.

We truly believe we are not our hair, but embracing, loving and finding joy in our hair empowers us to pour into our self-love!

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