All About Hair Elasticity & How to Retain Growth

          Restoring Natural Hair Elasticity

& Preventing Breakage


Hair elasticity refers to the hair’s ability to stretch and go back to its natural state, shape, or length. Elasticity is one of the main indicators of whether your hair is healthy or not. 


How to Test Hair Elasticity


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When your hair is wet, gently stretch a section of your hair for a few seconds and then release the hair. If the hair returns to its original length, it has a high amount of elasticity. If the hair doesn’t return to its original length or it breaks, hair elasticity is low. 


What Do I Do If I Have a Low Level of Elasticity? 


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Here are a few simple tips that will help you increase elasticity naturally⇩


1. Wash Your Hair More Often

Your hair needs hydration! Water increases the moisture content held by your hair and the greater the moisture, the more elastic your hair will be. We suggest washing the hair at least once every two weeks but, once a week would be even better. 

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2. Balance Moisture and Protein

Having a good amount of protein and moisture is so important! Moisture will make your hair more elastic and protein will keep it strong that way, you can stretch your hair and it can go back to its original state without breaking. Try the I Live!™ Deep Conditioner to achieve an absolutely perfect protein and moisture balance.


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3. Avoid Chemicals & Excessive Heat

Coloring or relaxing your hair will decrease your hair’s elasticity so think twice if you plan on getting a chemical treatment. Also, avoid using extremely high or excessive heat because that can result in lower elasticity as well. 


The Takeaway


Low elasticity hair is more prone to breakage so it’s very important to keep your elasticity level high. A high level of elasticity results in healthy, bouncy, and voluminous curls that are easy to style. Wash your hair often, maintain a balance between moisture and protein, avoid chemicals, & reduce excessive heat styling; we promise that’s the formula to achieving healthy hair.

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