Defining Your Curls


   One thing about us natural girls, we want our curls to be popping! However, a lot of us still struggle with achieving the definition we desire. No matter what we do, our curls just never come out right. There’s always frizz and never enough definition. After reading this article, we promise you will never have this struggle again. 


Step 1: Start off on clean hair 



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We don’t know who needs to hear this but no style is going to come out right on dirty hair. The most lovely and defined curls are  . Try our Clay-rify Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar to remove all build up and leave you with squeaky clean results. Pair it with our Caught Slippin Conditioner to bring moisture back into your hair. 


Step 2: Grab your leave-in



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Let’s just take a moment to appreciate leave-in conditioner because YASSS! Leave-in conditioners moisturizes the hair, prevents breakage, and tames frizz. We highly recommend our Mu-Moisture Leave-In Conditioner for all hair types and porosities. Mu-Moisture is extremely moisturizing and it makes the detangling process go way smoother. 



Step 3: Use a curl defining butter and/or gel



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The leave-in conditioner already makes the curls pop but the butter/gel gives it an even more defined look. Both of our butters No Shae’d and Butter Recognize work amazing for defining curls because they’re so moisturizing and soft; they literally melt onto your hair. And Moss'd Be Nice hydrating gel gives the perfect balance of definition, hold and moisture.


Step 4: Use oil for sealing and sheening



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There are numerous amazing oils out there that you can use on your hair but “The Oil” just hits different! It’s perfect for sealing in moisture and it even gives you a nice sheen. Adding oil is a must if you want to retain moisture and have defined, shiny, and frizz-free curls.


Boom! Now, you have those simple steps down. Try these hairstyles to show off your curls!


Wash & Go


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Nothing compares to a popping wash & go! The definition and volume is just immaculate. 


Twist out


Source: Prose


Twist outs are simple, low-manipulation, and they look good on all textures. 


Braid out


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If you’re looking for more elongated curls and you actually know how to braid, the braid out is perfect for you!


Flexi rod set


Source: Allure


Flexi rod sets are very versatile; you can achieve really loose curls or really tight curls. It’s all up to you! The results come out lovely as long as your hair is completely dry before taking the rods down.





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