Featured Ingredient: Abyssinian Seed Oil

  Abyssinian Seed Oil Benefits 

Source: Aromatics Canada Inc.


Abyssinian seed oil is a light carrier oil that feels amazing on the skin and hair. This oil is very unique, no other oil can compare. Keep on reading to discover why this oil is so great and how you can benefit from it.


About abyssinian seed oil:


Source: Pureza Nature


Abyssinian oil is derived from the Crambe abyssinica crop, which is an annually-growing oilseed plant in the Brassicaceae family. It has a pretty short growing pattern of 90-100 days Also, it doesn't require as much water as other plants do for growth. It's definitely environmentally-friendly!


Uses and benefits for skin:



Abyssinian oil has a chemical structure that is pretty close to human skin, making it the perfect moisturizer. It contains Vitamin E contents which makes it very anti-inflammatory. Also, abyssinian oil has Linoleic and Linolenic acids, which help with skin conditioning. If you want to achieve glowy and youthful skin, you should apply a few drops of abyssinian oil in the morning and at nighttime. Your skin will flourish! 


Uses and benefits for hair:


Abyssinian seed oil improves your hair's manageability, shine, and moisture. Simply add this oil to your hair strands and comb it through, you'll immediately notice how soft and glossy it makes your hair look. You can also use abyssinian seed oil for a scalp massage, it'll help remove fungus and prevent dandruff. 


Our products that consist of Crambe abyssinica(abyssinian) seed oil:


It's THE OIL for me™ Multi-use Growth Oil


This oil right here is the absolute truth! We hate to brag but hey, we're just being honest. If you want to achieve moisturized and shiny curls, you should grab THE OIL right now!


Butter Recognize!™ Moisturizing Buttercreme


This butter will leave your hair so soft and moisturized. Having difficulty detangling your hair? No problem, the abyssinian oil in this product will soothe the hair strands, making it more manageable. 


Moss'd Be Nice™ Hydrating & Defining Gel


Unlike other gels, our gel does not dry your hair out. If you want to define your curls and do styles like wash & go's, Moss'd Be Nice is the way to go. 



Mu-Moisture, Periodt Leave-in Moisture Mist


Our lightweight leave-in moisture mist gives just the right amount of moisture and hydration minus the buildup and heaviness. Use this sweet smelling spray to refresh your curls and add nourishment and moisture to your locs, braids and cornrows under weaves and wigs.


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