How to Properly Detangle Natural Hair

   As a natural, it’s very important to properly detangle your hair. The detangling process can make or break your hair. Having problems with retaining length? Most likely, you aren’t detangling your hair correctly. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep on reading to discover helpful tips.


Section 1: Selecting the proper tools


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Sorry sis but your fingers aren’t going to make the cut! “Finger detangling” isn’t a real thing because it doesn’t actually get the tangles out. If you want all your strands to be tangle and knot free, you need to use a wide tooth comb or a large detangling brush


Section 2: Choosing the right products

Using the right products for detangling is critical! You definitely want to use products that will provide moisture and slip because that will make the detangling process 10x easier. 

Products that we suggest for all hair types:


 Clay-rify Deep Cleansing Bar - This shampoo bar will get your hair squeaky clean and we all know clean hair combs out easier.


Caught Slippin Conditioner - Provides you with the slipperiest slip ever!


Mu Moisture Leave-In Conditioner - A leave-in conditioner and detangling mist all in one making the detangling process less of a hassle.


I Live! Deep Conditioner - Penetrates deep into the hair shaft, balancing moisture and protein so your hair can flourish. Frizz? Gone. Tangles? Gone.


Add these to your hair care regimen and you’ll never complain about detangling ever again. Don’t believe us? Just try them! 


Section 3: The actual detangling process


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Whew, this is where a lot of naturals mess up! To make this easier to understand, we’re going to give you a step by step guide that you should follow:


Step 1: Part your hair in four sections. If you have a looser texture, you can get away with parting your hair into half. However, it’s best to part your hair in four sections!

Step 2: Starting from the back section, part within the section and apply the product. You’ll do this for each section. 

Step 3: Comb or brush very gently, starting from the ends and working your way up to the root. Starting from the roots will literally take your hair out, don’t do it sis!

The main thing is to be patient and gentle while detangling. Don’t rip through your hair because you will cause breakage.


Section 4: Preventing the hair from getting tangled or matted


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If you don’t want to spend hours getting frustrated about detangling your hair, you need to make sure you’re giving your hair the attention it needs and protecting it. You should always wrap your hair up at night with a satin scarf; don’t tie super tight, just make sure it’s secure. Also, you should comb through your hair everyday or every other day for at least five minutes. Why do we suggest this? Your hair sheds every single day so if you aren’t combing through it frequently, the hairs will begin to tangle. Combing or brushing through your hair for only five minutes can really prevent your hair from becoming a hot mess so just do it sis! Let’s all be stress and tangle free. 






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