Product Highlight: Clay-rify Detoxifying Shampoo Bar

  Highlighting Our Clay-rify Detoxifying   Shampoo Bar: A Must-Have for Naturals



Hey naturals! Are you struggling with removing product build-up and dirt? You need to Clay-rify your hair and scalp. The key to healthy hair growth is maintaining a clean scalp and fresh, hydrated hair strands. With our Clay-rify Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar, you’ll be able to deep cleanse without stripping nutritional oils; that’s why it’s an absolute must have!



What exactly does it do?

The Clay-rify Shampoo Bar will remove dirt and build-up on the scalp without stripping it completely dry. It’s perfect for those who have locs or protective styles since you tend to experience more build-up in those styles. With Clay-rify, you'll receive clay mask benefits without the messy powders. Also, this shampoo bar can outlast two to three liquid shampoo bottles. With that being said, Clay-rify is the way to go sis!



Key ingredients and their benefits:

○Rhassoul Clay: Coats your hair in minerals that add strength, shine, and softness 


○Shikakai: Soothes scalp and removes dandruff & lice


○Neem: Has antifungal properties that helps with treating dandruff itchiness, and irritation 


○Watermelon Seed Oil: Deeply hydrates the hair and promotes hair growth 


○Babassu Oil: Allows you to retain moisture on the scalp and hair shaft




 What are our customers saying?

★★★★★ "I'm sold! Never going back to bottled shampoo!"

Kiesha on Jun 05, 2021

"I was so surprised by the clarify bar. I was excited to use it but can admit I was hesitant that it would perform like a shampoo but LOVE it and don’t see myself going back to bottled shampoo.

I really like how none of the products made my hair feel dry or brittle. I notice a lot of times with the products I was using especially the shampoos my hair felt very dry until I applied conditioner. With these products, every item was moisturizing!" 


★★★★★ Super cleansing!

Imani on May 02, 2021

"I was hesitant to try the shampoo bar because I've never used one before. I'm so glad I did! My hair feels so amazing after washing. My scalp is completely clean and my hair doesn't feel squeaky or dry afterwards. My dry scalp has also cleared up a lot since I started using it."


★★★★★ Squeeky clean! 

Meliza on May 07, 2021

"When I say that this shampoo cleared all the build up off my hair I mean just that. I use a lot of gel and oils on my hair to style and usually I have to wash my hair 2 to 3 times. Now using the Clay-rify bar I feel how clean my hair is on the very first wash. Definitely recommend getting a couple of these."


The reviews don't lie! Click here to grab your Clay-rify Shampoo Bar today! We look forward to hearing your feedback. 

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