Protein vs. Moisture: Balancing Both

   If you’re a part of the natural hair community, we know you heard the terms “protein” and “moisture” a million times. But do you know how to determine which one you need? Let’s get into it!


Signs you need MOISTURE


Your hair is dry


Source: Prose


Obviously if you don’t have the right amount of moisture or you have protein overload, your hair is going to be dry. A deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment can really do you some justice. Let that moisture penetrate your hair sis!


Lots of tangles and knots


Source; Our Everyday Life


If you’re lacking moisture and smoothness, you can expect to have tangles. The best thing to do is to develop a deep conditioning routine and use products that bring moisture back into your hair. It’s even better to use products that are moisturizing and have detangling properties like our Mu-Moisture Leave-In Conditioner & Detangling Mist.



Very difficult to style


Source: Curlkalon Hair


Styling is a whole struggle if your hair doesn’t have enough moisture. Dry hair doesn’t cooperate, it doesn’t style well, and it definitely doesn’t hold styles for long. Having these issues? Check out our No Shae’d Butter and Butter Recognize



Signs you need PROTEIN


You recently colored your hair




Color treated hair and all other forms of chemically treated hair like relaxed hair are high porosity meaning it’s important to keep up with protein treatments. 



Your hair is weak and breaking off


Source: The New York Times


Strong hair has the right amount of protein, weak hair does not. Having a good amount of protein is a must if you want to keep the hair on your head very full and lively looking. 


You have moisture overload




When you have moisture overload, your hair will feel very mushy and limp. To combat moisture overload, you should do a protein treatment.



Takeaway: It’s very important to keep a healthy balance between protein and moisture. Protein keeps your hair strong and moisture keeps your hair from becoming dry. Try the I Live!™ Deep Conditioner to achieve the perfect moisture and protein balance. Let’s all achieve our healthy hair goals! 

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