The Difference Between Breakage & Shedding

   Some naturals get breakage and shedding confused. When they comb through their hair and see hair coming out, they automatically assume that their hair is breaking off. We’re here to let you know that there is a MAJOR difference between shedding and breakage. Just because you see hair coming out doesn’t mean your hair is breaking.


What is shedding? 


Source: She’s Found Strength


Hair shedding is completely natural and normal! Everyday, you shed between 50-100 hairs. That’s why whenever you comb through your hair, you’ll see a few hairs come out. Shedding does not equal breakage because healthy hair sheds everyday. However, it is possible to experience excessive shedding if you do not have a well-balanced diet or you stress out a lot. Self-care is key, everything starts with you first! 


Try these products to safely comb out shed hairs!⇩


No Shae’d Butter - Softens and smoothes the hair shaft, allowing your fingers, combs, and brushes to gently glide down your strands.


THE OIL - It’s definitely the oil for us! Not only does it soothe your hair strands, it’ll also add some extra sheen.


Clay-rify Deep Cleansing Bar - Get your hair squeaky clean and remove product build-up so you can comb out your hair with no issues!


What is breakage? 


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Hair breakage is when the ends are breaking off, no length is being retained, and there’s a lot of frizz because the hair is simply unhealthy. No matter how little you manipulate your hair, it’s still breaking off. Breakage is obviously not normal; breakage occurs when you aren’t properly styling or caring for your hair and your hair is damaged.


Try these products to prevent breakage⇩


Mu-Moisture Leave-In - This leave-in conditioner and detangling mist nourishes your hair with maximal moisture and it allows you to  easily detangle your hair without causing damage.


I Live! Deep Conditioner - You’re totally going to live for this deep conditioner right here! It penetrates deeply into the hair shaft, transforming your hair and giving it a new life. Deep conditioning treatments are critical when it comes to preventing breakage so grab yours today!


Caught Slippin Multi-Use Conditioner - No more tangles and knots=no more breakage


*Note; Though product selection is important when trying to prevent breakage, your hair care routine and habits play an even larger role. Make sure you’re gentle with your hair and practicing safe styling habits.







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