The LOC vs LCO Method: Which One is Best for Your Natural Hair?

 The LOC vs LCO Method: Which One is Best for Your Natural Hair? 

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The online natural hair community created two methods (LOC and LCO) for keeping your curls moisturized. The LOC Method refers to using liquid first, oil second, and a cream last. LCO uses liquid first, cream second, and oil last. You're probably wondering which order would work best for you. No worries sis, we're going to help you determine that. Let's get into it!


Who should use the LOC Method? 

Those with high porosity should use the LOC Method. Retaining moisture is super important since high porosity has a very open cuticle, meaning it can easily lose moisture. You want to start off with liquid(water or a spray leave-in) just to hydrate your tresses. Next, you want to add an oil to seal. Lastly, you should apply a cream or butter onto the hair strands . The reason why cream should be the last step for high porosity hair is because it has the thickest consistency, meaning it'll hold in the moisture. 


Who should use the LCO Method?

For our low porosity naturals, we recommend the LCO Method. Follow the sequence of liquid, cream, and oil. Low porosity has a tight, almost shut cuticle and that's why it's important to add liquid first, cream second to moisturize, and oil last to seal in moisture. Doing it in this sequence will allow moisture to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, which is critical for low porosity hair since it tends to repel moisture.


If you have normal porosity, you can choose whatever method you want. Both should work perfectly fine on your hair since your cuticle isn't too tight or too loose. 


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