Why is Deep Conditioning Important?

Why is Deep Conditioning Important?


Why is deep conditioning important? We hear it everywhere. Deep conditioning is an inherent part of any hair routine. It is not only vital for women with naturally curly hair but essential for those with relaxed or straightened locks. This article will explain why deep conditioning is necessary and how to do it at home yourself!

Benefits of Deep Conditioning Hair


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What is the purpose of deep conditioning? There are numerous benefits associated with deep conditioning your hair! This statement is especially true for women with natural hair. If you are an loyal flat iron maven or prefer chemically-processed strands, a deep conditioner can also help protect your hair from damage.  

Here are a few reasons deep conditioning is necessary. 


Detangling and Manageability

Deep conditioning is necessary for enhancing manageability. Deep conditioners contain the perfect blend of ingredients that help to decrease friction. If tangles and knots are wreaking havoc on your natural hair, deep conditioners can improve the state of affairs on your head. Additionally, deep conditioning can help to tame frizz. This fantastic side effect occurs as a result of the sudden infusion of hydration. Frizzy hair may appear when hair is thirsty for moisture. 


Repair Hair Damage

If your hair is in the throes of hair damage, a deep conditioner may be the magic potion to your problem. Deep conditioners help to improve the structure of your hair strands. It strengthens them, boosts hair elasticity. In simple terms, deep conditioning helps your hair withstand your daily styling manipulations and chemical treatments, including hair dye and heat. Hair is vulnerable to our styling choices and techniques. Deep conditioners possess properties that enable them to penetrate your hair and restore critical bonds. 


Hair Moisture

We spoke briefly about hair moisture, but it bears repeating. Deep conditioners help to moisturize the scalp. This quality is beneficial for itchy, flaky scalp problems.  Deep conditioners help to seal the cuticle, thus, sealing in moisture after the cleansing process. Hair moisture is vital for hair growth, thickness, and flexibility. Without it, the risk for dry, brittle hair increases significantly. 



Deep conditioning is necessary for restoring shine and ridding you of lackluster hair. Dull hair occurs due to multiple factors, including product build-up and environmental elements such as dust and excess exposure to ultraviolet rays. Too much sun can damage your hair shaft structure and impact hair proteins. Aside from damaging your hair, it leaves behind hair lacking vibrancy and coarse to the touch. 


How Often Do I Need to Deep Condition My Hair?

Your deep conditioning ritual may look different from your best friend or family member. However, experts agree that you should initially aim to deep condition your hair a minimum of every two weeks. You should seek to deep condition your hair weekly for hair with severe damage until you see results. You may find it necessary to deep condition your hair more frequently during the winter months than summer months. 

How to Choose A Deep Conditioner

Ready to get started? Selecting a deep conditioner should not be taken lightly. You will need to purchase a deep conditioner designed to address your individual needs. For example, if you are experiencing problems with dry hair, moisturizing deep conditioners are a perfect choice. If you have issues with breakage or weak strands, a protein-based deep conditioner may be better. 


How to Use a Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners are relatively easy to apply. The key ingredient in most deep conditioning rituals, however, is the introduction of heat. You want to use heat for best results as this will help open your cuticles and encourage your hair follicles to swell.  

For best results, after applying your deep conditioner, use a heating cap or a steamer. Alternatively, you can apply a plastic cap and sit beneath a hooded dryer. If you do not have access to either of these items, you can apply a plastic cap or bag and wrap your head with a towel to use your natural body heat. Your goal is for your hair to have heat exposure for 20 to 30 minutes. 

There you have it. Deep conditioners are necessary for manageability, hair growth, hair elasticity, and vibrancy. They deliver positive results designed to improve and maintain the overall quality of your hair. Is it time to amp up your deep conditioner regimen? Get started today. Start by using a deep conditioner once a week and make adjustments as necessary. 

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